Moira & Philip

If you haven’t been to Leighlinbridge then you are missing out. It is a beautiful spot right on the River Barrow in the Dolmen County of Carlow and where Moira & Philip decided to get married.

On the morning of April 13th this year, after a week of rain, I woke to find nothing but blue skies before I hit the road. With the radio on I bopped away to the tunes as I drove to my first stop, Thomastown, for groom prep. Only, when I arrived, I was greeted at the door by the groom. You can imagine my heart sink when he said “the wedding is tomorrow”.  I didn’t know what to do, imagine getting it so wrong, turning up a whole day early, but I had checked and double checked……………….and he was laughing. It was all a joke and he got me good.

Pranks out of the way I got to work. The mornings antics were a sign of how much craic these lads were. Between football, sausages, an aviary and decorating the car, it is fair to say we captured all the fun and then some. But it is the moments caught between Philip and his son that are extra special.

Next stop was the beautiful Lord Bagnel Hotel where my lovely bride and her crew were waiting and hair and make up was fully in flow.

With the help of Moira’s twin daughters, who on the day, were doubling as bridesmaids I got all the detail shots. Then it was back up to the room where there was a unique sense of calm. Nothing was a bother to anyone, especially the bride who first fed her baby and then helped everyone else get dressed before stepping into her own gown.

Then it was time to be married!

It was quite a special moment as Moira began the walk up the aisle with her Dad. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house when, half way up the aisle, her son took her arm and walked her the final few steps to her groom.

The ceremony was a beautiful celebration of their love and life they share together. It was very much about Moira and Philip but even more so their children and the beautiful family they have created together.

After the ceremony we took advantage of the good weather and the stunning location and headed over the bridge for some portraits of the newlyweds. We didn’t have to go far to get the most amazing photographs. We were even blessed with the presence of a swan, which for those of you that don’t know, is a sign of love and loyalty and brings luck to a marriage.

Later on it was time for dinner and dancing. I wont go into detail on the speeches only to say they were very beautiful and emotional.

The dancing on the other hand……………..well the pictures speak for  themselves!!!